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The Approved Flight Manual (AFM) is a legal document that forms part of the Type Certificate and contains essential information for safe operation of the aeroplane. Prior to 2002 this information was included in two separate documents, the AFM which was issued by CASA or the NZ CAA, and the Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH) which was issued by AESL. Regulatory changes around 2002 resulted in a new combined AFM/POH being issued. The AFM/POHs are listed on the Type Certificates. Current document part numbers and revision status are listed under Airworthiness>Documents.

The AFM/POH only related to the standard production aeroplane. Any modifications, such as engine upgrades, that affect information in the AFM/POH must be reflected in the AFM/POH by addition of a Flight Manual Supplement. Currently the Cooperative has supplements for engine upgrades completed in accordance with AESL SB006.

The overall AFM package for an individual aircraft can be confusing. Unfortunately it's a document designed by engineers for use by pilots and doesn't always make sense to a pilot. If the aircraft has been modified, the AFM will probably contain BOTH the incorrect and the new relevant data. The airworthiness regulators insist on this ambiguity and somehow have difficulty comprehending that it could be a safety hazard. It is essential that pilots understand which is the relevant data for use in flight. The article "CASA Flight Manual Package" explains the structure of the Flight Manual which should assist pilots in this regard.