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A Type Certificate (TC) is a certification from a National Aviation Authority (NAA), in the Airtourer's case both CASA and the NZ CAA, that a particular design meets the applicable airworthiness requirements. It forms part of the legal chain of documents that describes the aircraft and how it is operated and maintained.

For example, the Airtourer 100 is described on its TC as being defined by "Victa drawing number 00201 and all component drawings current at 4 July 1962". The associated Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) contains certain limitations, a list of serial numbers of aircraft it covers and a list of document such as Flight Manual, Pilots Operating Handbook and maintenance documents.The TCDS will also list the "Certification Basis" which is the specific set of regulations that was used to certify the design.

When a new aircraft is produced, the manufacturer will certify that it was built in accordance with the documents listed on the TC. This will enable a certificate of airworthiness to be issued for this individual aircraft and its serial number will be added to the TCDS.

Ongoing airworthiness is achieved by maintaining the aircraft in accordance with the maintenance documents listed on the TCDS as well as Airworthiness Directives issued by the NAA and Service Bulletins issued by the TC holder. The TC holder is also required to keep these documents current and supply technical support to the aircraft owners. If the TC holder is unable to supply this support, the NAA may cancel the TC and the aircraft may become grounded.

The Airtourers are covered by two TCs issued by CASA and three issued by the NZ CAA.

CASA Type Certificates covering aircraft manufactured by Victa Aviation Division.

NZ CAA Type Certificates covering aircraft manufactured by Aero Engine Services Ltd.