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Queensland Gathering - Toowoomba

8 October 2022

Doug Stott

The lunchtime gathering at Toowoomba (TWB) yesterday (8th Oct) was a most enjoyable opportunity for SE Queensland current and past members to catch up, share stories and information about flying, Airtourers and all things aviation.

For me it was especially pleasing to see Ray and Jane Abernathy in attendance as we first met in about 1980 at the Yarrandale Presidents Fly-In.  Over the years Ray has owned two Airtourers (VH-RQG & PCC).  Stuart Hilsberg, long time member and past owner of (VH-RQL) and I (former owner VH-CTM) travelled by car to attend the event, as did Andrew Younger (VH-TPY) from Gympie and Greg Peters and Julia Adams (VH-MOH) from Brisbane together with his father, Jim, a long-time aviator and Twin Comanche owner.

It was a pleasure to meet current members Ross Nunn & Sally-Anne (VH-MTH) from Oakey.  Ross is rebuilding MTH and commented that during the course of conversations, he had gained much information to assist with his rebuild.

The weather was not that conducive on the coast;  however, JOH (VH-COI) made it down from Gympie without too much effort.  Members appreciated having the opportunity to get to know John, Association secretary and chairman of the Co-op.

Many thanks to Mark Barnett, a Toowoomba resident, for guiding us in the direction of the Wilsonton Hotel, only a short drive from the Darling Downs Aero Club.  Mark, along with some others were unable to attend due to weather or prior commitments.

From the enthusiastic discussion, it is anticipated that a similar event will be held again.   So, we will work on a date well in advance before our calendar is too full, so that we can again spend a few hours in the company of Airtourer enthusiasts.