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Listing of Airtourers by National registration mark order, manufacture serial number (msn) with country of registration, last known or present registration mark, Engine size (HP), year built and any previous known registrations. The status is listed as known in accordance with the following codes.

OK - Still flying

WFU - Withdrawn from use

DBR - Damaged beyond repair

U/K - Unknown

Some of this information may be incorrect or out of date or perhaps the details may have been changed. Although every attempt is made to keep the records up to date, details such as these are often out of date when published by the regulatory authorities. If you believe any of the information to be in error or has changed, please notify the webmaster<at>airtourer.asn.au.

Serial 0 was the wooden prototype known as the Millicer Airtourer.

Serial 1 thru 170 were issued by Victa Ltd in Sydney.

Serial 501 thru 580 were issued by AESL in Hamilton NZ

AESL(PAC) CT4 Airtrainers will be listed at a later date.

Some models were later given a single letter prefix (or suffix) by the AESL to the serial number to donate the model or modification status - these letters are included when known, however some have been omitted due to sorting requirements of the data base..

The suffix 'R' indicates a rebuild of the airframe by the Factory. The prefix 'A' indicates a 150hp installation, the 'B' for T6s after serial number 557 and 'C' for the T3 aircraft.

Serial number are issued at manufacturer and cannot be changed with the exception of the prefix/suffix described above. Additionally, some modifications such as engine upgrade resulted in the A1, A2 suffix to indicate the modification status. This has NOT been included in this list, but the known hp of the engine installed is.  For example, a 100hp aircraft might now be designated a 100/A1 but may in fact have another large engine installed, data on which is only available from the STC or Engineering Order related to the modification.

AESL introduced model designations, which were used  by AESL as follows:

(The "T" designations are not applicable to Australian built Victa aircraft)

T1 100hp (not manufactured by AESL)

T2 115hp

T3 130hp

T4 150hp - fixed pitch prop

T5 150hp - CSU

T6 150hp - 12 (12volt electrics) -24 (24volt electrics)

Some designated 150hp installations have various model Lycoming engines which may be 160hp. Some modified aircraft have 160hp (some with fuel injection) and one aircraft was modified to 180hp.

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Do you have photographs, newspaper cuttings or stories about particular aircraft, in particular airframes that went out of service in the 60s & 70s. Please forward them to the webmaster<at>airtourer.asn.au