The Airtourer Association Convention for 2020 got underway on Friday 20th March in spite of increasing restrictions due to the Covid-19 virus. Updates on the activities will be posted here over the weekend, the following photos are from Friday at Parkes Aerodrome.

The Arrivals

PKS lineup

The Airtourers, (and a couple of ring-ins), safely tied down as the setting sun throws a long shadow of the photographer.

The weather is very different from our last, unplanned, visit a year ago when five Airtourers diverted into Parkes on their way to Orange due to thunderstorms.


T6 wannabes

Welcome at the Parkes Aero Club

Aeroclub drinks

Dot, Jon, Becky, Denise and Mon.

David Pat

Regulars, David and Pat.

JD Mike Ross

Vice President, John, President, Mike with Peter.

Beryl Judy

Beryl and Judy still coming to grips with elbow bumping and 1.5 metres separation.

A possible 'fine' for Beryl, the Sheriff, for failing to follow Government guidelines.