Victa Airtourer 160

VH-MOH S/N 167, 1966 - One of the last Australian Built Airtourers


Total Time since new 6677.38 Hrs.
Modified to 160HP. In 1983.
ENGINE-Lycoming IO-320-BIA. FUEL INJECTED. TSO-1193.38 Hrs.
Bulk Strip: 30 June 2011-Time since Strip: 15.38 Hrs. (Cause: Prop. Strike while taxiing)
Christen Inverted Oil System.
PROPELLOR-Hartzell HC-C2Y6-IBF Constant Speed TTSN:15.38 Hrs.
AVIONICS- 1 x VHF. 1 x Transponder- (OCTA, requires Rad 43/47)
FUEL -130L Main tank + 30L auxillary.

Good condition inside and out. A delight to fly. Hangered at Weddeburn N.S.W.

New Maintenance Release 12 Sept 2019
Contact: Ken Teiffel 0419441201
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