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The Airtourer Association is a group of enthusiasts for the Australian designed Airtourer Aircraft. A related but separate organisation is the Airtourer Co-operative which owns the intellectual property of the Airtourer design and is responsible for ongoing airworthiness. The Airtourer Co-operative has the support of the Airtourer Association and is included in the web site. Please explore our site and share our enthusiasm for a great little aeroplane.

Earlier this year CASA released a proposed amendment to AD/PROP/1 and requested comment from the aviation community. AD/PROP/1 was originally issued in January 1988 and established minimum overhaul requirements for propellers for Australian registered aircraft.


CASA became concerned at Service Difficulty Reports regarding propellers that had been presented for overhaul after extended calendar times and the latest amendment applies additional calendar restrictions. The details of the additional requirments depend on type of operation (commercial or private) and the manufacturers recommendations hours and/or calendar time to overhaul. Nevertheless, it has the potential to increase the maintenance and financial burden on Airtourer owners.

The Airtouer Co-operative is responsible for ongoing airworthiness of the Airtourer type including maintenance requirements. However, in the case of propellers it recommends following the manufacturers requirements or relevant Airworthiness Directives.

The Co-op is not in a position to comment on the actual requirements. However, we are concened at the lack of transparency shown by CASA is justifying the changes and have submitted a letter to CASA recommending that full supporting data be released for industry review and the consultation period be extended to enable this data to be fully considered.

A copy of the letter is available for download.

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