The 2016 End of Year Gathering is in full swing under blue skies at Wahring airfield in Victoria. By sundown Friday there were seven Airtourers and two Pipers ready to commence first night celebrations. Saturday lunch was prepared by local hero Andrew Clement who not only flew in but also drove the bus and acted as chef. The afternoon included flying activities sharing the local airspace with the local gyrocopters. By mid afternoon the group were on the bus to Fowles Winery to relax the rest of the afternoon. The Sunday morning plan commences with a quick flight to Shepparton to join in their regular Pancake Breakfast.


Lineup of aircraft at Wahring on Friday night.
Wahring flight line for Airtourer Association End of Year Gathering. Seven Airtourers and two Pipers.
Local member Andrew Clement, bus driver and chef for lunch.
Local member and "jack of all trades" Andrew Clement providing bus driving and chef services for the Saturday roast lunch,

 Airtourers and local gyrocoptersThe local gyrocoopter flyers enjoyed the clear skies with the visiting Airtourers.

Airtourer Association members at Fowles Winery
The Airtourer Association group at Fowles Winery